I have found Surfman to provide a very reliable and efficient service, I am happy to recommend their services.
Product    Database Acquisition
   To provide eMarketers with improved efficiency and insight into their marketing initiatives, Surfman is offering to reach your target consumers by owning proprietarily the user database of three of the most prominent websites: akzone, Beautylife and sensehk.
   Tapping the power of the above user database paired with Surfman's digital marketing platform, eMarketers can set up an online enrolment form, lucky draw, and promotional offers upon registration, which could exponentially grow your contact database, communicating your brand to a greater amount of audience in a more interactive and efficient manner.


Improved ROI
With Surfman delivering your message to the active users, eMarketers now benefit from:
Higher email delivery rate,
Increased average ROI,
Increased email open rate by targeting the active and relevant users,
Higher conversion rates,
Customisable messages, creating higher relevance to your target consumers.

Database Consultancy
Surfman has identified the users of these forums as being highly proactive and interactive Internet users, networkers and communicators who rely heavily on the information available on the Internet and make decisions via online participation.

Strategic Consulting
Surfman offers a wide range of strategic services. Whether you are just getting your email program off the ground or you have an online marketing program that needs some tweaking, we can help. Surfman's Client Services team will help you enhance every aspect of your email-marketing program. Our comprehensive range of services will assist you and your organisation in all aspects of your email marketing efforts, ranging from list sourcing, targeting and segmentation, email campaign ideas, delivery, reports and analysis.
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