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Product    Deliverability enhancement
Even the best campaigns fail if they can't make it to the inbox. Email deliverability is just as important as a great layout, dynamic text and a solid email list. At Surfman, we've done our homework. With our comprehensive delivery plan, you can rest assured that your emails will go right where they need to go.
A Human Approval Process
Our team reviews email campaigns and lists to ensure customer compliance with anti-spam legislation to prevent issues before they occur.
Email Authentication Setup
To protect our users, Surfman Email supports SenderID, SPF and Domain Keys to allow customers to prove their identities and keep them secure. We can help our customers setup their own domains as an additional consultancy service as well.
ISP Feedback Loops Setup
Integrated into Internet Service Providers (ISP) like AOL, Hotmail, Comcast, Yahoo!, etc., Surfman eliminates subscribers who register spam complaints from your list automatically.
Bounces & Complaints handling advisory service
Surfman reacts to both hard and soft bounces as they occur. Temporary non-sends are given several attempts before being removed from your campaign and undeliverable contacts are removed immediately. With our industry knowledge we provide clear and reliable categorisation of bounce mail and will advise you on how to deal with the bounce.
Industry Memberships
Surfman is fully up to date with industry standards. We help customers to subscribe, install and arrange for white-listing service in companies like Returnpath and ISIPP, as well as, Chinese companies.

Surfman, as a consultant, will work with clients on the above services to assure that great email marketing performance can be achieved.
With our industry knowledge, relationships with ISP and white-listing companies and experience in marketing, we can help to boost the deliverability of your email marketing campaign.
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